Dave Kludt

We're Here, We're Grateful, Let's Go!

As we transitioned from life in Los Angeles to life here in the East Bay, I've  written a series of reflections on the various ways we saw God's faithfulness and presence during our time in LA. My gratitude, though, is not limited to the past and want to share a few thoughts about our journey to Open Door and how excited I am to begin life together with you all! We Didn't See This Coming

Last year, Krissy and I began to sense a potential transition was on the horizon. We had been in Los Angeles for seven years and unsure what our next steps were; our two main options seemed to be either digging in for another season of life in LA or uprooting and moving closer to family in the midwest (we're both from Wisconsin).

What was not on our horizon, or so we thought, was uprooting and moving to an entirely new place - away from both our midwest family and our Hollywood family.

Enter Open Door

In February, I got wind of a church in the East Bay that was expanding its staff team. The position and description of the community resonated with me and felt in sync with the work we'd been a part of at Kairos Hollywood. Mostly to convince Krissy I was proactively participating in our discernment process (you know, since we weren't going to move anywhere but the midwest), I briefly told her about the job description.

Without knowing many details - including the name of the community - she replied, “well, we should move forward on this and see if God opens a door.”

I'm Kinda Into You

From the first conversations I had with the hiring team, I was intrigued by you. Your commitment to following Jesus through creativity and experimental practice. Your focus on formation and mission in local and global contexts. Your love for families and desire to be shaped into a family following God into the journey.

After we visited in May, our hearts started beating faster and we sensed a clarity in God's leading that felt like a rare gift.

The You Becomes We

Krissy's dad is an ecologist and he told me recently about convergent evolution - when unrelated species from different ecosystems have overlapping traits and features suggesting deep connection and relationship with each other. As I begin this season at Open Door, it feels like convergent evolution or, in terms that might be more familiar, it feels like God's woven together our stories in beautiful and unexpected ways, calling our family to join yours.

Ryan Murray Photo

I'm so excited to be entering Open Door's story in this particular season of the journey. I love the questions Open Door asks - What does it look like to follow Jesus here in this place? What does expanded mission in the East Bay and beyond look like? How can we best participate in God's formative and redemptive work among us for the sake of the world? - and I'm eager to join you in seeking the answers and trajectories God's set forth for Open Door in this next season in the life of our community.

May we continue to grow as those who are rooted in Christ and woven together as family.

May we continue to faithfully extend sacrificial love and cultivate others to be and do the same.

May God's spirit guide us as we walk in the way of Jesus.


Dave Kludt, Pastor of Community Formation

After an extensive, nation-wide search and the narrowing of an incredible candidate pool to a few world-class candidates, it is with gratitude and anticipation that we announce and introduce Dave Kludt as Open Door's incoming Pastor of Community Formation. Kludt.FamilyAs our time with Dave and Krissy (& Everett too!) unfolded, we were stunned at how perfectly he and they fit into the life, culture, and philosophy of The Open Door Community.  What's more, the experience that he's gained while a part of Kairos Hollywood has uniquely augmented his giftedness with the kind of experiences necessary to help us faithfully live out the adventure that Jesus is inviting us into.

What we heard from Dave's references only confirmed what we discerned to be true of him: he is a humble leader with a pastor’s heart who lives submitted to Jesus, in love with his family, committed to the cultivation of others, and invested in place.  Words like stable, creative, administrative, loyal, genuine, thoughtful, equip-er, mobilizer, worshipper, teacher, pastor, & care-giver emerged as descriptive of his heart, character, capacity, and core competency as a leader.

Please join us in praying over the Kludt's transition from Kairos in LA to Open Door in the East Bay.  Pray, too, over Open Door as we prepare for them to join our family and as we seek to faithfully live out the vision that God has given us.  We long to see heaven & earth woven together again in the East Bay & beyond as we equip and mobilize communities of Jesus followers into God's reconciling mission.

For more on Dave, HERE is a piece he wrote that exposes his heart for context and HERE is a piece he wrote about transition.

Dave, Krissy, and Everett will be officially joining us in the end of July.  Mark your calendars for August 3rd as this will be their first gathering with us.

Thanks be to God.