Elder Transition

Next Sunday, we'll officially kick off our annual Steward Team transition process. Steward Team is a community of elders that is made up of men & women who steward the holistic cultivation of The Open Door Community by listening for God’s dream for us and our context and mobilizing us to participate in His dream coming true (Acts 20:17-38; 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1).

Our elders serve for a three-year term and then cycle off.  This process is intentionally regenerative as it reminds us of our work to continue cultivating followers of Jesus.  Kara Lynch and Charlene O'Brien (2 of our original elders) will be cycling off the team in August.

Here's the road ahead:

  1. Next Sunday, June 1, we'll explore the role of eldership at our gathering and officially launch the process.
  2. On Tuesday, June 10, we'll do a communal day of fasting & prayer that will conclude at Brendan & Emily's home for prayer, silent nominations, and dinner.
  3. Nominations can be emailed to Emily anytime between June 1 and June 15.  Nominations conclude @ 6:30pm on June 15.  Please include your nomination's name and 3 reasons why you feel he or she is a viable candidate for Steward Team.
  4. On Wednesday, June 18, a team of leaders will process Open Door's nominations and make a recommendation to Steward Team.
  5. Our current Steward Team will begin conversations with candidates in July.
  6. 2 new elders will be commissioned in August.

The beauty of this process is that it creates a communal space for us to listen and be formed together.  I greatly encourage you to participate in it.

I pray a blessing on you and on us as we continue to become a worshiping family on mission.

Yours, Jer

Anticipating our 2nd Communal Fast

Last week, the Spirit met us with words, promises, and exhortations. Words Saturate, Breath, Beloved, Abide, Deepen

Promises I am here. I am doing something here.  I am your breath.

Exhortations Pay attention. Be ready. Repent of excess. End image management. Pray for open doors and open hearts. Live fully awake to now. Abide in Me.

In these final hours before our second Wednesday fast begins, perhaps a word on the kind of fast that God longs for:

Isaiah 58:1-11

As you journey throughout your Wednesday, join us in prayers like these: 1.  Spirit, we're listening. 2.  Spirit, expose what hinders, limits, and imprisons us. 3.  Spirit, help us understand what you require of us. 4.  Spirit, set us free to set others free.

Join us at 916 A Dewing Ave., Lafayette, CA at 7:00pm.  We'll break our fast with a light soup and bread dinner after our time together.