Everyday Peacemaking

A new ODC Teaching Series :: Missio Dei: Peacemaking

Peacemaking has been disintegrated from the Church’s understanding of God, His mission, and our vocation.  As a result, we misunderstand who God is, what God has done, what God is seeking to do here and now, and what it means for us to join Him in it. So, rather than embracing peacemaking as central to God’s heart and critical to who we are as His family, we speak of it as an esoteric theory or a subjective feeling.  Rather than embracing peacemaking as an everyday, costly way of life, we both contribute to and run from conflict while outsourcing the work of peace to others. In this five week series leading up to Easter, Jer Swigart & Jon Huckins seek to reintegrate peacemaking into our theology and vocation as followers of Jesus and to activate Open Door as a humble, intelligent, compassionate instrument of peace in the Bay Area & beyond.  Click Here to subscribe to our Podcast. 2014_missio_dei_peacemaking_banner-1

March 23 :: Peacemaking as the mission of God and vocation of the people of God.

March 30 :: Peacemaking Practice #1 :: SEE

April 6 :: Peacemaking Practice #2 :: IMMERSE

April 13 :: Peacemaking Practice #3 :: CONTEND

April 20 :: Peacemaking Practice #4 :: RESTORE