Hiring Now: Pastor of Community Formation

now_hiring_banner We're pleased to announce that Steward Team has officially launched the hiring process for our Pastor of Community Formation.

Click Here to listen to Brendan's 12 minute explanation at last night's Gathering.

All information on what the role of Pastor of Community Formation will entail, as well as who we're looking for, can be found HERE. Please feel free to pass this information along to others whom you would consider viable candidates for this role.

In addition to describing who we're looking for and how he or she will enhance our team and mission, Brendan offered the following invitations: 1.  Pray for our Steward Team, Staff, and Hiring Team as we follow Jesus into this process together. 2.  Pray for the person who will serve as our Pastor of Community Formation. 3.  Invest in our mission through a monthly tithe.  Online giving can be set up HERE. 4.  Join members from Open Door's Staff, Steward Team, & Hiring Team for an evening of wine, cheese, and conversation HERE immediately following our gathering on Sunday, February 9th at 7:30pm.

Friends, this is an incredible moment in the life of our community. Let's join together in praying over and resourcing our mission.

With hope and anticipation, Jer

(2013) Mission Critical Hunch #2

If we want to expand from a Gathering-Centric Program to Holistic Cultivation, we must strengthen & diversify our leadership staff to include a Pastor/Shepherd.

As Steward Team has explored options for expanding The ODC Staff, two options have surfaced as the most viable roles.

First we could expand to include an Administrator to sustain or even enhance what is.  The problem is that "what is" doesn't seem to be leading us in the direction of holistic cultivation and is extending us beyond our capacities.

Our second option is to expand to include a Pastor/Shepherd to support us as we take new steps into our future.

"But wait...isn't Jer our Pastor?!"

Absolutely.  Yes.  But I am a certain kind of pastor.

In Ephesians 4:11-12, Paul offers a picture of the servant leadership of a local church for the sake of its unity, maturity, & mission-living.  The great surprise is that, rather than describing the characteristics and qualifications for one person, he offers a constellation of five different kinds of leaders.

The Apostle: Pioneer, Innovator, Activator, Vision-Caster, Direction, Mission                   The Prophet: Truth Teller, Growth, Transformation, Faithfulness                                        The Evangelist: Inspirer, Networker, Host, Recruiter                                                               The Teacher: Integrates Word & Life, Wisdom, Systemizer, Instructor                                The Pastor/Shepherd: Nurturer, Soul-Care, People-Developer, Unifier, Community Developer

According the leadership constellation that Paul offers, I am an apostolic leader that teaches.  This doesn't mean that I'm not pastoral.  What it means is that I am a Kingdom-entrepreneur who gives my life to imagining a better, flourishing future & equipping and mobilizing men and women into God's mission for the sake of the watching world.  I'm someone who pushes the envelope on where & how the lived & narrated Gospel could go.  It also means that I don't spend my life investing in the soul-care & belonging of the people on the mission.

A Pastor/Shepherd is one who focuses on the mission by attending to the soul-care & development of the people who are on the mission. This is someone uniquely gifted to help us draw on God’s strength to live out what He’s calling us to. This person helps us pay attention to moments of dissonance, transition, & burn out, and celebrates victories with us. A Pastor/Shepherd helps to cultivate our rootedness as we weave together to extend further.

After exploring both options, our hunch is that by adding the leadership of a Pastor/Shepherd to our staff, we will become more complete as a community and, as a result, more and more people will become cultivated to follow Jesus into the lives of more people in the East Bay & Beyond.

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