This past Sunday, we examined what it means for us to pray about forgiveness. Our ability to be forgiven is connected to our habits around forgiving; all that means we must embrace God's call to ask important questions out of the Lord's prayer. Here is the four step process we examined to help equip us. 1) Pray the Lord's prayer through verse 12. We become right sized and that opens us to be humbly led by God. 2) Use these questions: Am I asking for something I'm not willing to offer others? What must I forgive? Have I forgiven such that I can ask for forgiveness? What needs to be forgiven again? 3) Pause and listen. Wait for an answer. 4) Don't stop at identifying what needs forgiveness; document it, so that when you hear an answer, you can follow up on it.

Pray. Question. Pause. Document.

Know that you are forgiven and get to share in the joy of forgiveness.

Questions for the Pre-Jesus & Jesus Follower

At the conclusion of last night's teaching, I offered two different sets of questions to seed our solitude and community conversations this week as well as to set up a time of community-wide sharing / storytelling next week (March 25). To those who consider yourselves Jesus Followers, I offered the following questions:

1.  Why are you a Christian?

2.  How does following Jesus tangibly impact you as a friend, as a part of a family, as a member of your organization, as a member of North American / global society?

3.  If you were to sum it all up in 2-3 bullet points, what does it mean to follow Jesus?

To those who consider yourselves pre-Jesus, I offered the following questions:

1.  Identify yourself on this continuum.

Disinterested -- Curious -- Intrigued -- Captivated

2.  What have you observed in the life of a Jesus follower that has made Jesus more real to you?

3.  How have you experienced the God-Reality such that you even find yourself on this continuum?