Recommended Reading/Resources for Coin: Jesus on Money

  We're two weeks into Coin: Jesus on Money, our journey exploring how Jesus interacted with money and how we might seek to follow Jesus with our own money. When we look at the teachings and actions of Jesus, it seems that money functions in (at least) three ways:

  1. A window into deeper things.
  2. A tool for our cultivation.
  3. A resource for weaving heaven and earth together again.

We're taking time to dig in and explore these primarily through our Gathering teachings (each week's teaching will be posted here) and two of our winter Circles following Mark Scandrette's book Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most.

If you're not able to join one of the Free Circles, we encourage you to grab a copy of the book and work through it on your own or (ideally) with another person. Throughout the Circles, we'll post a few blog updates and stories if you want to follow along with the journey.

In addition to Free, here's a few other resources to consider reading and engaging if you want to dig deeper. [Note: I'll be reading through all of these and posting some thoughts. If you'll be reading along, let me know and I'd love to have you engage in the conversation. -dave]

Do you have any other resources you'd recommend as we think and ask questions about money, economy, and walking in the way of Jesus? Add them below in the comments!

Abolition Resources

Educating yourself is the best place to start for any advocacy. There are an overwhelming number of resources concerning abolition out there. Some good places to start include

Websites Stop Child Trafficking Now California Against Slavery Not For Sale International Justice Mission National Center for Missing and Exploited Children The National Report on Domestic Sex Trafficking

Documentaries “Playground” Executive Producer George Clooney to see a 5 min clip from the movie “Call and Response” CNN “Selling the Girl Next Door" MSNBC “Trafficked: Slavery in America” MSNBC “Sex Slaves: Texas” to see a clip

Books Not for Sale: The return of the global slave trade- and how we can fight it by David Bladstone God in a Brothel by Daniel Walker More than Rice: A journey through the underworld of human trafficking by Pamela Chestnut The Slave Next Door: human trafficking and slavery in America today by Kevin Bales Human Trafficking a Global Perspective by Louise Shelly

Somali Crisis

On Sunday (8/14/11), we began our gathering crying out to God on behalf of our East African family.  This post is intended to connect us to the drought/famine that the head of the U.N. refugee agency has called, "The worse humanitarian crisis in the world right now." The Story:  The famine is a result of two factors: first, no rain for far too long has resulted in the death of livestock and vegetation and, thus, the death of tens of thousands of human beings.  Second, war has ravaged Somalia.  Conservative and harsh insurgency organization, Al Shabaab, has fallen out of grace with the U.N. and, therefore, has banned aid organizations from bringing any food, water, or medical aid to the hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Today, 10 million people are in dire need.  5 million are children...most of them are malnourished.  Conservative estimates indicated that 29,000 children have died in the past 5 months to starvation, cholera, and measles.  The Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya currently hosts 380,000 Somali refugees...10,000 new refugees arrive each week to Dadaab where the mortality rates are 3 times the rate for emergency ceilings.

Muslima Aden, a mother of four, walked thirty-five days from Somalia to Dadaab.  She lost three of her four children along the way.  In an interview with the U.N. she said, "I became a bit insane after I lost them."

What can we do?  We are becoming a community that follows Jesus into the suffering of others.  We refuse to become paralyzed by the scope of global suffering, choosing instead to make a difference one video, article, prayer, and thoughtful donation at a time.  Below are listed reputable ways to learn and to contribute.

Learn/Listen/Watch: Reuters, BBC, ABC News, Al Jazeera

Contribute Online: ABC Help, Save One, World Vision, Doctors Without Boarders

Reputable Texting Donations:

World Food Programme: text AID to 27722 for a $10 donation.

Save the Children: text SURVIVE to 20222 for a $10 donation.

A Creative, Tangible Solution: A supplement company called Edesia has developed Plumpy'nut, a peanut-paste with milk powder, sugar, and vitamins/minerals.  Plumpy'nut is one of the most effective ways to treat severe acute malnutrition and is easily distributable.  The project, in partnership with Global Giving, will reach 40,000 children.

Pray:  In your daily prayers, include prayers for others such as these...

"Lord, Have mercy on those who suffer."

"Spirt, grant us the wisdom and courage to enter into their suffering and to become the answer to our own prayers."

"Father, give favor to Aid organizations."