Spiritual Practices

Everyday Story: Practicing Sabbath


As part of our Tune series, Elizabeth taught on rest as a practice of our worshiping family (listen here).

Rest challenges the common notion that our value is linked to our productivity.

Rest - sabbath - is a rhythm we're invited into and a good gift offered to us by God.

At the Open Door Gathering a few weeks ago, Chris and Kate Schwass shared an Everyday Story about their family's journey with sabbath as a sacred and weekly practice of worship. Here's the audio of their story:

[audio mp3="http://www.abluedoor.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Everyday-Story-Sabbath-with-Chris-and-Kate-Schwass.mp3"][/audio]


Listen in.

Consider the beauty and possibility of sabbath as a good gift offered to you by God.

Share your own story, thoughts, or questions below.

Anticipating our 2nd Communal Fast

Last week, the Spirit met us with words, promises, and exhortations. Words Saturate, Breath, Beloved, Abide, Deepen

Promises I am here. I am doing something here.  I am your breath.

Exhortations Pay attention. Be ready. Repent of excess. End image management. Pray for open doors and open hearts. Live fully awake to now. Abide in Me.

In these final hours before our second Wednesday fast begins, perhaps a word on the kind of fast that God longs for:

Isaiah 58:1-11

As you journey throughout your Wednesday, join us in prayers like these: 1.  Spirit, we're listening. 2.  Spirit, expose what hinders, limits, and imprisons us. 3.  Spirit, help us understand what you require of us. 4.  Spirit, set us free to set others free.

Join us at 916 A Dewing Ave., Lafayette, CA at 7:00pm.  We'll break our fast with a light soup and bread dinner after our time together.