Village Gatherings

Holy Week with Open Door

Before we get to Resurrection, we need to experience the Passion & Cross of Christ.  Join us as we take a step-by-step journey from the Shared Table (Maundy Thursday), through His betrayal, trials, beatings, & crucifixion (Good Friday), to the empty grave (Easter Sunday!). Tonight... Join us at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church at 7pm for a gathering of the Church in the Diablo Valley.  This experience offers an opportunity for us to worship together with many and to take in the elements of Communion as we remember the Last Supper and the Sacrificial Love of God made real in Jesus.

On Friday... Join us for a haunting moment of remembering the Passion of Jesus.  This will be a contemplative, multi-sensory sojourn that is intended to be experienced in solitude.  The sojourn will occur in the Parish Hall on the campus of St. Paul's and will be available anytime between 5-9pm.  The entire experience should take 30-45 minutes depending upon your pace.


On Sunday... Join us at the Shell Ridge trail head at 6:00am for our annual Easter sunrise hike.  Rain or shine, we will take the hike and remember the wonder of resurrection together.  Our sunrise hike will include a 30 minute moderate hike, music, & a shared Resurrection Liturgy as we watch the sun rise over Mt. Diablo.

20130331_easter_sunrise_hike_banner Following our hike, join us at one of our three Village Gatherings as we embody the reality of the Resurrection together throughout the East Bay and around Shared Tables.  Our Village Gatherings will be potluck-brunch style and will include a creative telling of The Story of God.  We encourage you to go to the Village Gathering nearest you, but feel free to self-select into any of the three. Please bring a light "brunchy" item to share (i.e. fruit salad, pastries, muffins, breakfast meats & veggies, etc.).

Note: these 2 Easter Experiences (Sunrise Hike and Village Gatherings) take the place of our 5pm gathering.  We will be back @ St. Paul's on Sunday, April 7th.

Berkeley/Albany Village Gathering @ 11:30am Walnut Creek Village Gathering @ 11:00am Concord Village Gathering @ 12:30pm