Serving Internally (AND) Externally...

Last Sunday, Elizabeth and I invited The Open Door Community to consider our shared life together as a family.  As is true in every family, our shared life is informed by values and is filled with the mundane as well as the high-octane. The values of submission, simplicity, & generosity inform how we manage our family finances, how we communicate to one another, how we learn & worship together, how we raise our kids, and how we live in Christ, with community, on mission for the sake of the East Bay.

Our experience of family life is possible because members of the family roll up their sleeves and tend to the "family chores."  As is true in every family, the family chores are rarely sexy, but they are necessary.  And, as is equally in true in every family, when everyone in the family participates in the chores, the family flourishes.

There are people in our family who have had their sleeves rolled up and who have borne the burden of the family chores for quite some time.  They are extraordinary men and women who, as a result of serving, have deepened in their relationship with God and with each other, as well as in their desire to see the East Bay saturated with Jesus.  Their tireless service has contributed to OUR formation and to OUR equipping for local and global mission.

We are unspeakably grateful for you...we see Jesus in you!

In order for the high-octane, formational shared experiences that we value to continue, the family needs ALL of the family to enter into the mundane.  As we bear the burden of our shared life together, we deepen in relationship with God & each other, and the watching world discovers a different kind of community that worships a different kind of God.  That is, as we eagerly maintain the unity that is ours in Christ, the watching world discovers the truth about who God is.

So, along with the portion of our family that is serving, Elizabeth & I invite YOU to enter into both the high-octane and the mundane of our family life so that our family might flourish and so that the East Bay would continue to discover the Jesus we follow.

Each need is briefly explained below and each role has been sustainably created such that you would serve once a month (12X/year).  We wholeheartedly believe that EVERYONE can serve 12X/year!

1.  ODC Kids Team Members.  Our family is growing quickly and the formation of our kids is our shared responsibility.  Will you join a once-a-month ODC Kids Team?  Email jaci(at)

2.  Sound & Media Technicians.  Both of these roles are so valuable in the context of our gatherings and can be learned.  No prior experiences is necessary!  Email elizabeth(at)

3.  Front Porch Tribes.  Be a part of our community of hosts who actively seek to initiate a culture of belonging.  Will you join a once-a-month Front Porch Tribes Team? Email faye(at)

Below are three specialized volunteer roles.  For a volunteer job description, email jer(at)

1.  ODC Kids Coordinator: The purpose of this position is to coordinate the implementation of ODC Kids. This volunteer position serves on Lead Team.

2.  ODC Communications Coordinator: The purpose of this position is to manage and direct Open Door’s external communications. This volunteer position serves on Lead Team.

3.  Budget Analyst: The purpose of this role is to champion Open Door’s budget through ongoing & thorough analysis.  This volunteer position serves on Resource Team.

Finally, there are other teams that you can serve on:

1.  ReCreate Team: Help Open Door create open-invitation environments where we eat, rest, & play together.  Email rebecca(at)

2.  Prayer Team: Join in the Prayer fabric of our community every/any Tuesday evening from 7:30-8:30pm @ 400 Orchard View, Martinez.  Email chris.schwass(at)

3.  Retreats Team: Assist in the development an implementation of Open Door's retreats (Discover, Selah, Core Team, etc.). Email jaci(at)

4.  Gathering Team: Bring whatever medium of art into the teaching and corporate worship of our community. Email elizabeth(at)

Friends, join in on what God is doing internally and externally for the sake of the East Bay learning to walk in the Way of Jesus for the good of the World!