by Open Door

In Bloodline, the beautiful & messy Unfolding Story of God is retold in a fresh, narrative way. Through the Hebrew Scriptures, we’re going imagine how Jesus may have told His own Story from Eden through Egypt, Jerusalem, Babylon, Bethlehem, and Beyond.  Throughout the changing scenery, we’re going to pay attention to where blood shows up and how, when it does, it points to God’s greatest moment: His life for ours.

Through Bloodline, we’re going to discover our God who looks the mess of the world in the eyes…literally.  The first part of our prayer is that we would become captivated by a God who enters into the muck of our humanity because redemption is messy…it requires blood. The second part of our prayer is that, becoming captivated by the Story and its Author, we would respond in a costly way by giving everything that we are in redemptive participation with Him.

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