Circles are practice-based, experiential learning forums that are carefully guided from within, have a specific focus, a set lifespan, and a desired outcome. Through these expressions of smaller community, we’re mobilized to join in what God's doing in the places we live, work, and play.

WINTER circles


Mapping & Navigating Life Right Now

Desired Outcome: This Circle will gather around practices of mapping your life's journey, listening for God's call on your life, and developing a Rule of Life as you set out into 2018. 

Guides: Dave & Krissy Kludt
Time/Place: Tuesdays, 8-9:30PM (Jan 16, 23, 30) at the Kludts in Pleasant Hill.
Capacity: 10
Contact/Register: RSVP with


Healing & Redefining Masculinity

Desired Outcome: 2017 shifted our cultural landscape and understanding of masculinity. This Circle will explore & develop a identity of masculinity and consider how we participate in a redefining and healing masculinity as Jesus-following men, husbands, and dads.  

Guides: Dave Smith & Dave Kludt
Time/Place: Thursdays, 8-10PM (Feb 8, Feb 22, March 1) at the Smiths in Lafayette.
Capacity: FULL
Contact/Register: RSVP with Dave (

03. The practice of HOSPITALITY

Desired Outcome: Hospitality is a value many of us share, but sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on it; we know it when we experience it but we aren’t always sure how to create these hospitable spaces. Join us in developing & deepening the spiritual practice of hospitality by experiencing hospitality, adding some hosting tools to your toolbox, and learning together best practices for creative hospitable environments. 

Guides: Brendan & Emily Cheney
Time/Place: February 10, March 17, and April 21 in the evening at the Cheneys in Pleasant Hill.
Capacity: 8
Contact/Register: RSVP with Brendan (

04. THE Women's Circle

Desired Outcome: This Circle invites women to join together, listen, and hear/experience God's voice through conversation and practice. This Circle is an open/hospitable journey - women, you are welcome to join any or every Tuesday!

Guides: Bekah Polzin and Caitlyn Littrell
Time/Place: Tuesday evenings starting February 20, 7:30-9:00PM at the Vande Weges in Concord.
Contact/Register: RSVP with Bekah (


Past Circles have convened around:

  • Stepping Into Faithful Presence
  • The Contemplative Journey
  • The Enneagram & Formation
  • Grace & Growth
  • Discover: Giving Yourself Away for the Sake of the World
  • Navigating Frantic Family Life
  • Creating a Thriving Family Culture
  • Everyday Influence
  • Engaging the Refugee Crisis
  • Practicing the Scriptures
  • Families in Formation
  • The Immigrants' Journey
  • Gardening Together
  • Following Jesus in Workplace
  • Tune: Practices of Worship
  • Race in the East Bay
  • Embracing Rest: The Pathway to Generosity
  • On Being Mom
  • Free: Holistic Stewardship
  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Neighboring
  • Unpacking Privilege
  • Practicing Dad
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
  • Ballots & Brews
  • Pace: Finding a Rhythm & Rule of Life

If you are interested in initiating a Circle of any kind, please contact Dave.