Circles are practice-based, experiential learning forums that are carefully guided from within, have a specific focus, a set lifespan, and a desired outcome. Through these expressions of smaller community, we’re mobilized to join in what God's doing in the places we live, work, and play.

SPRING circles

01. The Enneagram and Formation (Stepping Toward the Image of Jesus)

Desired Outcome
This Circle brings the Enneagram into conversation with our journeys of discovering how God has uniquely wired us and stepping into Jesus-imaged formation. 

Guides: Dave & Krissy Kludt
Time/Place: 8-9:30PM on Tuesdays (April 25-May 30 except May 09) at the Kludts in Pleasant Hill
Contact/Register: Email Dave

02. Grace and growth (women's Scripture Circle)

Desired Outcome
This Circle is designed for women to learn to listen for, hear, and live out God's voice through the Scriptures.

Guide: Rachel Powers
Time/Place: 7-8:30PM on Wednesdays (April 19-May 31) at the Powers in Walnut Creek
Contact/Register: Email Rachel

03. the contemplative journey: prayer & practice

Desired Outcome
This Circle will explore the contemplative journey that leads us to deeper union and connection with Christ, others, and our world, inviting us deeper into the action and mission of Jesus in all the places we live, work, and play. 

Guides: Jon Woolner & Stan Hasegawa
Time/Place: 7-8:15PM on Thursdays (May 4-25) at the Hasegawas in Concord.
Contact/Register: Email Jon

04. saying yes: creating spaces of sanctuary and welcome

Desired Outcome
This Circle digs into the theological concept of Sanctuary and considers what it looks like to be a space of sanctuary and welcome in our current political climate; what might it look like to 'say yes' to being a presence and space of sanctuary & welcome to those around us? 

Guides: Dave Kludt
Time/Place: This is a digital Circle with online video connections May 18 and May 25, 12PM-1PM*
(*If the dates/time do not work for you but are interested in tracking with this conversation, please let Dave know)
Contact/Register: Email Dave

Past Circles have convened around:

  • Discover: Giving Yourself Away for the Sake of the World
  • Navigating Frantic Family Life
  • Creating a Thriving Family Culture
  • Everyday Influence
  • Engaging the Refugee Crisis
  • Practicing the Scriptures
  • Families in Formation
  • The Immigrants' Journey
  • Gardening Together
  • Following Jesus in Workplace
  • Tune: Practices of Worship
  • Race in the East Bay
  • Embracing Rest: The Pathway to Generosity
  • On Being Mom
  • Free: Holistic Stewardship
  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Neighboring
  • Unpacking Privilege
  • Practicing Dad
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
  • Ballots & Brews
  • Pace: Finding a Rhythm & Rule of Life

If you are interested in initiating a Circle of any kind, please contact Dave.