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Autumn Family Adventure

Circle Guide: Ryan & Caitlyn Littrell
Hosted: with the Littrells within a 1.5 hour drive of Walnut Creek
Driving question:  How does exploring God’s creation change our perspective on our lives and God’s love for us - and how can we guide our children into the wonderful wildness of it all?
Guiding Scripture: Psalm 19:1 The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.


Meet at Henry Cowell Redwood Park at 10:00 for a hike from 10:00-11:30. 
Lunch picnic or buy (up to each family what they’d like to do) at the railroad area 12:00-1:00
Beach play at Twin Lakes 1:00-3:00
Head home at 3:00

People can let us know via text by Friday night if they’ll be joining us, and I’ll keep everyone updated with a text thread. 925-818-5793

God’s creation, his design is all around us. His creation declares His glory. In exploring His creation, breathing in the grandeur of it all - we are witnessing his glory - and many things are put in right perspective. We can see that He is great, we can see that He is intentional with the finest of details, such as a single feather. We can see that He who made all of this, made us too and loves us much more. Our worry, our fears, our anxiety can melt away as we let this truth wash over us among the expanse of His creation. (Mathew 6:25-34)
Integrative Practice: 

We will take a day to go exploring. Anyone who’s up for some adventure is welcome to join. We will have an itinerary that we hold loosely - as with any great adventure - challenges and opportunities may require a change in course. We know every family has its own rhythms and comfort levels with adventure. Our approach has been to bring our kids with us to as much as adventuring as possible. We hope that this makes them adaptable, stelwart and that they understand that it’s not always easy to get into God’s creation - but that it’s so worth it. So we would encourage any who have reservations about bringing their kids to give it a shot.

The exact itinerary is still to be determined, but it’ll likely involve tall trees, an expansive ocean view, play and some rest within a 1.5 hr drive of Walnut Creek.

Our adventure mantra:

You can’t make me complain. It’s easy to let expectations ruin reality - it’s important to let excitement in while being able to adjust quickly if the plan doesn’t shape out the way we thought. Remember the journey is the important part so enjoy the ride, the view and the people your with, come what may.

Practice: create a 3 month commitment for exploring God’s creation.


1 weekend a month for three months

Once a week for three months

Once per day - even if it’s just a short walk on a bike trail

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