Our leadership is made up of dynamic paid & unpaid men and women who serve Open Door in critical ways and have significant responsibility within our community. These leaders play crucial, equipping roles in what happens each week in the life of Open Door.

Open Door is led by a community of elders called the Steward Team, made up of eight men and women who oversee the holistic cultivation of our community by focusing on (1) our becoming, (2) our mission and its impact, & (3) God’s dream for us & through us

Our Steward Team is currently made up of the following people:

Bekah Polzin (chair), Brian Chambers, Gieve Ameli, Ryan Littrell, and Steve Arnett

Influenced by Paul’s writing on church leadership, we seek to initiate a culture where our paid staff focus their time on the work of supporting, equipping, and releasing God’s People for God’s Mission. 

Dave Kludt (email)
Directional Leader
Pastor of Mission & Formation

samantha t circle.png

Samantha Trimble (email)
Director of Kids & Family Formation


Jayne Kappesser (email)
Pastor of Worship

Leadership Philosophy

The Open Door Community is an expanding regional church with a leadership structure that is designed to (1) support the organic fluidity of our church’s expression; (2) reflect our context and mission; and (3) remain faithful to what the Bible teaches regarding leadership in the church.

Within Open Door, we acknowledge God the Father as the Initiator, God the Son as the Head and Architect, and God the Spirit as the Breath that fuels us to faithfully embody God’s mission of reconciliation in the East Bay and Beyond.

We also acknowledge that God has raised, is raising, and will continue to raise up leaders within Open Door, both paid and non-paid, who serve in various capacities of leadership. Please feel free to be in direct contact with any of us with questions, comments, or a need for support.

Sent Leadership

In the tradition of the earliest Jesus communities, we recognize that leaders commissioned into local ministry are often sent out into the world in a manner consistent with God's call on their life and leadership. As their ministry continues outside of Open Door, we celebrate the ongoing ministry of these leaders and recognize their continued contribution to the formation of the Open Door family and the wider church.

Jer Swigart
Founding Directional Leader
Sent Pastor of Mission 
Learn more about Jer HERE.

Elizabeth Hunnicutt
Sent Pastor of Worship
Learn more about Elizabeth HERE.