space (selah)

One day, crafted & curated for you to stop, breathe, listen, & move forward

In order to find rest, renewal, energy and perspective for the journey ahead, we need SPACE.

In order to listen and hear the voice of God and the promptings of the spirit, we need SPACE.

In order to reflect and learn from the season we’ve just walked through, we need SPACE.

But SPACE doesn't come easy.

In the midst of busy schedules, pressing obligations, & the desires and demands of voices all around you:

You have to fight for SPACE.
You have to shuffle priorities for SPACE.
You have to sacrifice for SPACE.

You may have to say no to opportunities that come up.
You may have to take a personal/vacation day at work.
You may have to make a "responsibility trade" with a spouse, friend or co-worker.

But finding, taking, and entering into SPACE is worth it.

As sojourners learning to walk in the way of Jesus for the good of the world, SPACE is necessary.

For your sake, for your family’s sake, and for the sake of the world.