RSVP for SUPER BOWL Neighborhood Tables

Instead of a central Gathering on February 7 (Super Bowl Sunday), Open Door will gather around Neighborhood Tables. 
These tables are open, so be generous in your welcome and invitation!
See below and RSVP to the Table nearest to you.

SUPER BOWL (for football watchers) in Pleasant hill

  • @ the Cheneys (259 Jennifer Way in Pleasant Hill)
  • Arrive for 3:30 kickoff.
  • Bring a snack/appetizer to share.

super bowl (for game players) in Oakland

  • @ the Chambers (3465 Richmond Blvd in Oakland)
  • 4-7PM
  • Bring a snack/hors d'oeuvre/drink to share and, if you'd like, a game to play!
  • Park on the street, and just buzz the Chambers' apartment (#101) or call Leah's cell (407.493.1921) when you arrive (gray building on the corner of Westall/Richmond).